Chaser J Todd

Chaser began working at Buchanan Hauling & Rigging in 2015. While there he worked as a Logistics Specialist for six months. During that time, he was tasked with moving freight for Buchanan’s Independent Agents and acquiring new customers for the company. During the next six months he worked as a fleet manager with the company for their owner/operator division, making sure their owner operators were running the routes necessary to make their weekly revenue goals for them as well as the company.


For the next year Chaser worked as a key account manager. He managed ten of their top accounts and was tasked with identifying and implementing ways to grow these accounts. He gained valuable experience with managing legal freight, OS/OW freight, as well as working side by side with their permit department.

After Buchanan, He moved on to Pit Row Services as Director of Sales. While at Pit Row, he worked with their Pilot Cars and was tasked with growing their customer base to increase revenue for Pit Row and their Pilot Car fleet. During his time at Pit Row, he gained valuable experience and knowledge of the pilot car world, including going through the certification process to operate a pilot car.

Chaser J Todd.jpeg

After Pit Row, he then moved on to Landstar Transportation and Logistics as the Region Manager of the Western Region. Under this role he had all the Independent Agent’s out West and his job was to identify ways for each Agency to grow their business in sustainable ways. This included learning how their operation was run, visiting current customers, and helping to obtain new customers.


Currently he is an Independent Agent for Bennett Motor Express. His role as President of the Agency is to continue growing the agency through their existing customer base, as well as acquiring new customers. He currently works with customers that ship legal domestic freight, customer’s that ship OS/OW freight, as well as customers looking to ship cross border/internationally.