Michael J. Morgan


Michael J. Morgan is a founding member and President of Pit Row Services LLC in Lincoln, Alabama. Michael’s full-time professional career began immediately after his graduation from Auburn University in 2012 – however his initial experience in management and transportation began long before that. Michael grew up working with his parents at the family business – which in the mid to late 2000’s was a trucking operation consisting of up to 35 tractor-trailers specializing in flatbed and specialized transportation across the US. Michael spent many afternoons, weekends, and holidays working in the dispatch office assisting with day-to-day operations during this time.

As the family business grew Michael was involved in the formation and establishment of various other entities such as a diesel repair and maintenance facility, a truck wash, and freight brokerage company. These experiences led Michael to develop and grow his operational leadership, team building, and management experience at a young age. These years also give Michael nearly a decade of experience in various aspects of carrier transportation before he graduated college.

After college in 2012 Michael stepped in to manage the family transportation company full-time – and within a year the entity was reorganized to make Michael the sole proprietor of the operation. In 2015 the formation of yet another operation was made – Pit Row Services - a company providing pilot / escort vehicle services to specialized carriers nation-wide. Michael quickly realized there was a massive lack of professionalism and general knowledge and experience in that industry –


and within a year of its formation the entire family business was restructured to focus primarily on creating the nation’s best pilot / escort vehicle operation. Michael was instrumental in establishing the administrative framework of Pit Row and instituting the guidelines and plans which the entire Pit Row organization follows to operate at the highest level while maintaining proper risk management as well high productivity.

Within 3 years of the formation of Pit Row Services the brand exploded to become widely known as a dominant force in the pilot / escort vehicle industry. Pit Row’s involvement in the industry expanded beyond simply providing a fleet of escort vehicles to include training and consulting with industry and government organizations to bridge the gap between specialized carriers and pilot / escort vehicles.


            Michael’s association involvement includes an elected position as a Vice President in the National Pilot Car Association, and in 2018 Michael became the youngest person in the history of the organization appointed to the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s prestigious Permit Policy Committee.  He also serves on the SC&RA Pilot Car Task Force. Michael continues to play a pivotal role in Pit Row’s rapid growth and expansion.