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Professional Advanced Certification

There is not currently a national standardized safety training program or certification for pilot and escort vehicle operators (P/EVOs). This results in increased risks for personnel involved in the transport of over-sized and over-weight (OS/OW) cargo. A collaborative group of transportation, logistics, and safety professionals from each of the three largest wind industry manufacturers -- General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), and Vestas -- recognized the absence of wind-specific training and decided to take measures to reduce the risks around movement of wind turbine components. The group's sole goal is to increase safety and decrease risks during transportation to both transportation personnel and the general public and avoid fatalities and serious injuries in the future.


Once launched, the WITPAC training program will set a nation-wide safety standard. The certification is being developed specifically for the unique challenges and special skills needed by wind industry P/EVOs and truck drivers to safely move blades, towers, and other OS/OW components. This initiative is underway with the support of the Pit Row Group, Evergreen Safety Council (ESC), and the North American Pilot Vehicle Safety Alliance (NAPVSA). 

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This webpage is the official source for information on the WITPAC initiative.  Check back here for updates.

WITPAC Details:

  • The training program is organized into five modules. We anticipate training to begin Fall 2021.

    • Module Topics

      1. Teamwork

      2. Route Surveys

      3. Pre- and Post-Trip Meetings

      4. High Pole & Front Escort

      5. Rear Steer & Rear Escort

  • The training program will be accessible to all P/EVOs and drivers.

  • Training will be delivered using a blend of Evergreen Safety Council's on-line and in-person training methods. ESC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to safety. To learn more about Evergreen Safety Council, go to: https://www.esc.org/

  • Certification will require completion of all five modules and passing an exam.

  • WITPAC certification does not replace current state P/EVO certifications/licenses; it is in addition to them.

  • Certifications will expire every 3 years.

Carrier Responsibility:

  • Assuring their P/EVOs and drivers are properly trained and certified.

  • Tracking and keeping records of the training and certification of their personnel.

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